20 faces Assignment

A candid photo of a Rio Hondo College student getting out of the Restroom in the business building.

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People on Campus

Enjoying a break from lectures, Daniel, Maria Jose, and veronica engage in a conversation of minimum wages.

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Unethical assignment

Out of all the days the restroom is open without boundries, the LRC Women’s restroom is closed for cleaning duty this afternoon.

Ethical assignment

Throughout the Rio Hondo College campus, there are directions for students who need guidance in finding their destination.

Photojournalism: Lighting

Photojournalism assignment : lighting

“Act your age, not Your shoe size” -Christina Ricci in Mermaids

Yesterday I was watching the film Mermaids that starred Cher, Winona Ryder, and Bob Hoskins and the guy from Sixteen Candles. I fell in love with this film because of the 1960’s setting and the film’s comedy especially in winona’s religious and tempting thoughts. when young Christina ricci tells winona to “act your age not your shoe size” made my day. I was laughing so hard !!!!!so when anyone is acting immature, this quote is for you to say to them.

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