Former Diving Olympian Goes Missing; Police Cry For Help

Huntington Beach – A former Olympics athlete is missing; Huntington Police authorities ask for people’s help to find him.

Sammy Lee, 92, Former Olympian known for being the first Asian American to win gold in Diving at the 1948 London Olympics. In 1952′ at Helsinki, Lee won Gold once more becoming the oldest to win at 34.

Lee’s spouse mentions Sammy left his Huntington Beach home around 1 p.m for his daily swim at Los Cabellero’s Sport Club. KTLA reports Lee has Dementia, Diabetes, and cardiac problems, and went missing in Monday. 

Hungtington Beach police report Lee drives a 2011 beige Mercedes 300 with Liscense plates “2GOLDS” and was last seen Pumping gas around 8:30 a.m. in Fountain Valley. HBPD appear to have Lee’s recent credit card statement, and footage of Lee.

Police believe Lee is clueless. Huntington Beach police describe Lee is 4’11, and 122 lbs. If people identify Lee, calling Huntington Police Department is recommended.



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