Teenager Charged with D.U.I After Killing Family of 5 In Car Crash

Mesquite, Nevada – Drunken teenager involved in  car crash killing  family of five is relased on $3.5 million bail.

Disaster occurred prior to 3 a.m. Saturday on highway 15 nearby Mesquite, Nevada; KTLA says Mesquite is 80 miles northbound Nevada.

Nevada police describe suspect Jean Soriano, 18, in a Dodge Durango crashed into victims’ Chevy Astro Van bumper causing the mini van with seven passengers to whirl in circles eventually rolling over. NPD mention majority of victims flew out the rolling van

KTLA reports identified victims were  Genaro Fernandez, 41, Norwalk native; Lynwood natives Raudel Fernandez-Avila, 49, Belen Fernandez, 53; and Angela Sandoval,13, of Los Angeles. Only Male of 15, and woman of 40 survived the accident.

Nevada’s Police report of accident mention Soriano’s confession of drinking several beers before driving. Nevada police found several beer cans in Jean’s car.

Soriano was later escorted to a nearby hospital eventually leaving. KTLA reports Soriano was charged with “seven counts under D.U.I, driving with no license, and failing to reduce speed”. If found guilty, Soriano faces 20 years in jail. Soriano’s next court date is April 20, 2013.

Source: http://ktla.com/2013/04/01/nevada-crash-kills-5/#axzz2PGYaHX6F


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