Suffering Mother wants Millions in Compensation

South Los Angeles- A Mother takes legal action against Los Angeles for her son’s death hoping to get compensated in millions.

Patrick Caruthers, 19, a community volunteer at Harvard Park was sitting on bleachers listening to music last autumn when an attacker approached him at gunpoint, killing him.

Los Angeles Police believe the Gun down was “gang related”; Caruthers had a learning incapacity, and was an innocent victim.

Patrick’s mom, Gail Sears criticized the park as unsafe; claiming surveillance cameras should be put throughout the park. Harvard park is known to be a gang location.

Months earlier, Los Angeles congressman Bernard C. Parks petitioned for surveillance cameras being placed around city property to decrease crime, and observe unlawful situations.

The proposition was delayed in the council’s Public Safety meeting. The proposition passed in council shortly after Patrick’s death.

L.A Times says Gail hopes to obtain $25 million “in damages” for sorrow,  $10 million for Patrick’s “emotional pain and suffering “before passing, and $12,000 in funeral charges.

L.A Times affirms Los Angeles has 45 days to decide. If Los Angeles refuses to compensate Sears, she can take the case to trial.



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