Minister’s Son Murder Suspects Face Prison Sentence

Wildomar, Calif.-Three San Diego Natives Face prison sentence for murdering a minister’s son in 2009.

KTLA reports Ryan Joshua Armstrong, 22, a Chapman University student was stabbed during a fight at ET Sports Lounge. Armstrong’s father is Minister Ron Armstrong  from Wildomar’s Cross Roads Community Church.

KTLA mentions the involved suspects were Marvin Justin Black, 29, Matthew Alexis Balsier, 34, and James Wing Fung, 33. Eyewitnesses say the fight started as a dispute between Balser and Armstrong in the bar, later outside the bar’s back alley where it got physical.

Moments later, Balser leaves the scene and comes back driving a truck with Black and Fung to resume the fight between Armstrong and friends. Armstrong gets stabbed with a knife several times and is severely injured. KTLA states Armstrong was transported to Wildomar’s Inland Valley Medical center where he later died.

KTLA states Alex Balser faces 69 years to lifetime in prison; James Wing Fung faces 71 years to lifetime, and Marvin Justin Black faces 70 years till lifetime for Ryan Armstrong’s death, and for “attempted murder and assault” of his friends involved in the fight.



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