USC Baskteball Players Involved in Nasty Fight at Washington University

Spokane, Washing.- USC players were suspended for fighting with several people at  Washington University.

KTLA reported USC basketball players Dewayne Dedmon and James Blascyzck are suspended for the rest of the season for supposedly being involved in a scuffle sunday morning in Spokane, where the team stayed.

USC Coach Bob Cantu says that the players were suspended for breaking the Squad’s rules. USC played a basketball game against Washington university, losing 76-51.

There are two sides of the story. Two people claimed to see the USC players involved in a fight with a sushi employee. The conflict started verbally, then turned physically when one player hit a man and a woman.

4 people were injured then medically treated. Reportedly, one person had their nose broken, while another person’s jaw broke. The women involved in the fight cut her lip.

Spokane Police Department state that there was about 30-40 people involved in the incident occuring in two different places.

SPD are still investigating the incident; no one has gone to jail.



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