In Class Wiki Leaks Assignment 3-11-13

Mostly any national secret information will appear on wiki leaks, like the numerous websites censored in Thailand.

Thailand’s restricted websites were released by Wiki Leaks coming from Thailand’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in December 2008. CJ Hinke, chairman of Freedom Against Censorship Thailand got the list first.

Violation of censorship in Thailand  is categorized under “lese majeste” meaning “criticizing the king” Buhimibol Aduliyadev of Thailand.

Wiki leaks says Thailand’s  censored websites came Europe, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and U.S.  These websites are terminated by The Official Censor of the Military Coup in Thailand.

Wiki leaks mentions Youtube videos of  U.S secretary Hilary Clinton’s election and Charlie Chaplin videos are forbidden videos in Thailand.

Forums consisting of  human activism newspapers prachatai, and Same Sky that are carefully written, are shut down by Thai officials.

Wikipedia states Blogger Paul Handley, author of “The King Never Smiles” wrote negatively about the king, became censored. Buddhism commentator  Sulak Sivaraksa, and anti-censorship Thai activist Matthew Hunt Hunt, are not allowed to publish anything for “criticizing the king”.

Wiki leaks states that on December 21, new Thai government official, Ranongruk Suwanchawee will convicted for recent censorship.

Wiki Leaks states Thai military coupe censors the websites secretly. Anything that dishoners the king, will be censored in Thailand.



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