Free Write 3-11-13

What I did this weekend absolutely nothing but it was actually a pretty good weekend for reals I’m actually surprise that i stayed home because i always go out every weekend it was cool and since i didn’t have homework it was pretty cool little homework sleep good what else can i ask for it was pretty cool every weekend pas i have to do tons of homework reading studying for a huge math test or anthropology test but this weekend it cut me sie slack i can’t stop saying how great it was i wrote on my blog and i feel like there is some improvement in me writing thats a good thing and i also worked on my stats homework thank goodness it was not hard it was kinda easy i hate asatas hope i make it out alive can’t wait till the semester is over but i can’t believe i have hard a good weekend i didn’t do anything but stay at home and enjoy company of my family and ccousings it was pretty good. ogg wait i also went to the rite aid store near by to get some ice cream vanilla rite aid ice cream ids veery good, one of the best ones out there i was indecisive between yogurt land or rite aid but i headed for more originality in rite aid ice cream and it did not disappoint i has glad but i forgot i also had a bad headache i think i used the computer too much it may be time for me to get some glasses hope not! well iither than that it was a beast weekend oh an d i watched the katy perry movie for the past 1000 th time i love that movie and katy perry she’s aweomse well other than that…i think that was pretty much my weekend other than doing the normal routine of cleaning awing up thanking a shower straightening my had and doing it all over again it was pretty much it…i keep remember ing more details as i m wringing and writing i was you tubing videos especially =some music from alternative rock like tegan and sara the neighborhood group love, it was pretty great music highlighting the mood of my weekend i also checked out some videos from the angry grandpa show those are hilarious that souther old man is funny, rude, but still funny, dthe son always makes him angry and the man starts to do tantrums and starts to cuss its freaking funny. you now when you go on youtube its hard to sat off because one video takes you to another one and another one until its like 3 hrs its incredible how youtube is addicting well that was my weekend.


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