Theater Robber From 2008 Arrested in 2013

Buena Park, Calif – A burglar involved in a movie theater robbery in 2008 was recently caught and convicted for the crime.

In 2008, Buena park authorities reported a suspect robbed the Buena Park Krikorian movie theater posing as a local police officer who investigated the cinema for previous crime evidence.

 The burglar approached the theater manager’s office locating a safe. The thief examined the cash for identification numbers, then made mysterious phone calls. He later held the manager and co-worker hostage with a gun, eventually tying them with telephone wires.

The suspect left the theater with $ 7,000. The suspect wore rubber gloves while opening the safe to protect his identity, but left gloves at the theater.  

Buena Park police partnered with Orange County authorites to find the suspect using an information bank to crack down DNA. The DNA on the gloves corresponded  to Fernando Manuel Ruiz. Orange County authorities have records indicating Ruiz was charged for “false vehicle registration in August 2010”.  

In october 2012, BPPD prosecuted Ruiz  for “second-degree robbery and false imprisonment by violence or deceit with sentencing enhancements for being armed with a deadly weapon and impersonating a peace officer”.

For the crime of 2008, he faces 7 years in prison for burglary.



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