In Class Assignment 3-6-13

Aspiring Latino Journalists in college listen up! A scholarship in Southern California is awarding students with cash for tuition.

The CCNMA: Journalists of California Scholarship consists of the  Joel Garcia Memorial Scholarship, the Frank del Olmo Memorial Scholarship and the George Ramos Memorial Scholarship”  awarding winners $500-1000 with certain regulations.

The participant must be latino, a high school senior about to graduate, or a Full-time California college/university student enrolled in 2013-2014.(Candidates who do not register for fall 2013 will be disqualified).

The applicant’s major does not matter, but must show interest in journalism. Students need decent grades to qualify. winners will attend the Los Angeles 33rd CCNMA scholarship dinner in June, and be interviewed afterwards.

To apply, send an email to  including name, age, address, zip code, phone number, email, and grade level to receive more scholarship information.

The participant must fill an application, write a 300-500 paper on their  latino upbringing along with defeated obstacles, why the applicant wants to be a journalist, and what is latino journalist’s duty “in the news media”.

The candidate must have 2 letters of recommendations from professors expressing the student’s talent  in journalism. The applicant must show present student records with a cirriculum of experience in journalism; Lastly, the applicant must add written articles, snapshots, or recorded TV/radio projects.

The deadline is on April 1, 2013.



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