Free Write 3-6-13

First memory I have ever had was when I got lost at chuck E Cheese when I was only a year or less don’t remember the age quite well. I was inside the play place filled with colored balls and had slide so wen I got out the play place ai went to the slide i got on the slide and when i got out my mom and dad were not there, i began to cry and panic because i was so young and i felt  my parents left me behind i was so devastated i can’t believe the y left me so i was looking for them everywhere and I did not know what to do i remember walking around the rides looking odor them and i didn’t see them i went the other way no parents i felt scared but as soon  employees saw a little toddler walking by herself they took me to the back offices where all the staff goes and no one can enter i can’t believe o went there for the first time i remember them asking me questions of who i was with and where i lived i remember i didn’t even answer them but a miracle just happened my parents came in to the staff and found me i was relieved that they did not leave me behind after all that was a good thing till this day i remember this incident when i was little and i laugh about it kinda get worried remembering how t it all started i can’t believe that was such a long time ago i my moms side of the story says that i apparently left the play place got on the slide that was on the other side and i didn’t see them to them i got lost on my own. Maybe i diid i was a kid i didn’t really know well but it is still kind a funny it was pretty funny. I saw chuck e cheese and i see how big the rides i mean small rides were when i got lost at chuck e cheese that is my first memory that pops up. 


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