In Class Assignment 3-4-13

Miracle Baby Defeats HIV

A 26 month old girl born with HIV from Missisippi was cured by pediatrian Hannah Gay, specialized in “newborn treatment” at Jackson Hospital.

Dr.  Gay said the unidentified mother ” had a premature vaginal delivery, so the baby was at high risk for contracting HIV”. She then injected the child with drugs to lower the infection. Few days later, the Baby was diagnosed with HIV.

CNN reported that the mother found out she had HIV after delivering the baby. The infant went through “remission” shortly after the baby went through “antiretroviral therapy” within  30hrs of her birthday.

A Clarion Ledger article stated that Dr. Gay used “Zidovudine, Lamivudine and Nevirapine” during therapy. On the baby’s 29th day, Dr. Gay ran examinations revealing that the amount of HIV decreased.

The baby continued the treatment until she was 1 year old after the mother confessed to neglect giving the baby medication. 10 months later, the pediatrician examined the baby revealing no traces of HIV. Two years later, the child  is HIV free and healthy.

The Clairon Ledger article states that Dr. Gay and researchers revelaed the miracle to the “Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections” in Atlanta on March 3rd with hopes of preventing HIV on newborn children.

Dr. Gay stated if a child stops recieving “antiretrovial” treatment, HIV vanishes from the blood. This may be the anticipated cure to defeat HIV.








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