In Class Assignment 2-27-13

Brandi Gianville’s Revealing Dress was a Mistake at the 2013 Oscars

The Oscars 2013 gives actors the opportunity for actors to shine in elegant gowns and Tuxedos, but Brandi Gianville’s dress was another story.

The 40-year old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star came in a neck turning dress that was inappropriate for the classy awards.

The fitted nude colored dress was strapless, making it appear too small exposing cleavage. The dress was ruffled from the bottom, with an opening near the thigh to show leg.

Brandi Gianville was hosting for On The Red Carpet at the Oscars where she claimed to  design the dress herself.

Actors are known for wearing classy and conservative attire ranging from Gucci, Armani, Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, and other high fashion designers, but Brandi wanted to be her own brand.

Few days later, Gianville admitted on twitter that the self made dress appeared to be smaller from her last fitting. This over the top gown may have cost her to be in the Oscar’s Best dressed category.



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