Freewrite 3-4-13

Stressed out too much homework through my 5 classes hardest semester ever never been so challenging i want to go to disneyland i miss it i haven’t been there since 2 years ago hope to go this year for spring break hope its not to hot or packed i want to go home don’t want to take this test its gonnna be hard really hard i hate math and i know I’m not good at it i suck at math i hate it never been good at it i like to go to the mall and shop at forever 21 boarders has cool looking bags the hello kitty one for 440 bucks thats way cheaper than the sanrio store i lie that it has pfds pan era bread next door and it s weird I’ve never been there I’m just writing random stuff its monday and cloudy i can tell its gonnna be warming up soon get to go home at 1 yes thats cool i remember i used to stay till 6 asking is lonely every tome i get here princess diaries was on i saw it after so many years can’t believe it was 9 or 13 years ago time flies i can’t wait to be done with school and doing my career its goona be a bright future hard work always pays off hope to keep doing excellevny in school i love getting good grades its cool i want to go to sleep I’m tired time goes buy so fast i can’t wait till spring break free write free write random thoughts keep writing jigsaw puzzle crossroads movie with britney spears that was a long time ago when she was normal miss everything form the 00’s it has ben a long time ago I’m wearing hello kitty wow I’m so weird its college haha but whatever its ok ring is ink zodiac sighn is libra its so cool wow graduated since 10 now were in 13 nd I’m getting old 21 soon that means vegas gambling and shopping can’t what planet hollywood is good to get cash it the slots are always loos through the night finally can go to there because ill ve 21 finally at last awesome icnat wait. 


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