In Class Free Write

This is a free write . I can write about anything. Something that has me concerned the spreading of Tuberculosis. It started at skid row with many homeless people along with 4,500 unidentified people who catched the disease. Now students from Whittier High School are being tested for the same disease. This means that the epidemic is coming closer and people need to be careful for this disease. A simple cough or sneeze can transmit tuberculosis. It is best to get tested for the disease. The procedure includes a shot and a bubble begins to develop. Then the doctors will tell you if you have tuberculosis or not. It is really important to get checked because the epidemic is sometimes incurable and it will stop you from doing normal things in life like going to school or working.  I heard that you have to be in the hospital locked up for months so the disease won’t pass on to other people. It is very dangerous and something must be done to stop this epidemic  from continuing. When a person walks by and sneezes, I try to cover my mouth and nose and stop breathing. It sounds ridiculous but I know I’m protected.


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