Tuberculosis Infecting the Homeless at Skid Row

Los Angeles- The Health Department of Los Angeles are finding a solution to stop Tuberculosis from taking over the life of the homeless at Skid Row.

Los Angeles Police authorities noticed that residents of Skid Row located in Downtown are being infected with Tuberculosis, and must be treated soon because the epidemic is deadly.

KTLA news said tuberculosis infected the homeless of Skid Row in 2007. Since then, only 11 passed away due to Tuberculosis; but thousands of people can be infected without knowing.

The epidemic is critical and Centers for Disease Control along with Specialized scientists are inspecting where tuberculosis came from, planning to terminate the deadly illness.

Street people are vulnerable to Tuberculosis because they stay in packed shelters during winter or are outside curled up next to each other for warmth.

Tuberculosis is passed on due to inhaling or breathing germs from someone sick, but not transmitted through touching.

The CDC calculated that 4,500 people may have tuberculosis and must get examined and cured.

KTLA mentions that Health officers of Los Angeles are using their “resources” trying to catch tuberculosis from expanding further into  Los  Angeles.



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