Missing Canadian Tourist Found Dead in Water Tank of Hotel

Los Angeles- A young female was found dead crammed inside a water tank on a Hotel roof.

Elisa Lam, 21, college student from Vancouver, British Columbia planned to travel to California alone for vacation arriving at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown LA  on January 26 for four nights.

Her next destination was Santa Cruz, 5 hours north of Los Angeles. On the fifth day, Lam never checked out. The parents stopped receiving daily calls from Elisa and declared her missing to canadian authorities.

Hotel staff last saw her on January 31st. On Tuesday February 19th, guests complained to the hotel about low water pressure demanding to fix the problem.

At 10 a.m, a  maintenance worker went up the roof to check the water tanks, discovering the missing tourist’s body squeezed inside one of the four tanks the hotel uses for water.

Los Angeles Police arrived to the crime scene uncertain if it was a murder or accident. LAPD found a hotel surveillance video with Lam in and out the elevator clicking buttons, doing unexplained hand gestures.

ImageCoroners were unsuccessful finding the actual cause of Elisa’s death and are running further tests to reveal  if she was on medication or drugs hoping to connect those results to her death.

Sources: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57570240-504083/elisa-lam-death-body-of-missing-canadian-tourist-found-in-la-hotel-water-tank-police-say/



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