Young Boy in Custody for Black Mailing Twin Peaks Middle School

In San Diego, California, lawyers were gathered to discuss if a minor should be taken to court for sending life threatening messages online to his professors and classmates from Twin Peaks Middle School.

The unidentified boy was detained by San Diego Police on February 9, and recieved a medical checkup for possible mental disorders.

San Diego Police investigated the child’s home finding harmful weapons known as “Five Rifles, three handguns, and three shotguns”. According to the leader of  SDPD Bill Donanhue, the child had no contact with the weapons.

The computer and guns were taken as proof by the San Diego authorities. The email written by the twelve year old mentioned that the shooting would occur on February 11 at school; including the possible weapons utilized in the shooting. School adminstrator John Collins stated that the aimed teacher in the letter remains clueless why the boy threatened her and his 23 classmates.

The life threatnening email made the school take action bringing San Diego police officers for protection, and psychological assistance for students or faculty who need it.

Head police officer Bill Donahue stated that it is a crime in California to create insulting threats that disturb the peace. The prosecution of the young man remains in discussion.



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