Beyonce Releases Documentary Life is But A Dream on HBO

Step aside Katy Perry and Justin Bieber; Beyonce released an autobiographical film known as  Beyonce: Life is But a Dream last Saturday on HBO. The film is similar to Katy Perry and Justin Biebers’ documentaries consisting of video blogs, live concerts, and home footage.

The showstopper known for singing  “Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and Love on Top” gave HBO viewers an insight to her private life never before seen.

Beyonce appears  with messy hair and no makeup revealing the lowest points of her life; experiencing a miscarriage, and dismissing her father as head administrator; to happier moments of  how her relationship with Jay-Z  blossomed into marriage, and the first public appearance of her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Beyonce explains that she sings about female empowerment to fulfill her personal objective of being a free woman. Not only was she on the film, she worked behind the cameras arranging what comes out in the film with director Ed Burke.

The “crazy in love singer” shows that her singing career is not enchanting as it appears. The career comes with hard work and dedication, including the exhausting  schedule of performing and making records; leaving no time to rest.

Beyonce is known for keeping her personal life a mystery, but Life is But a Dream may have been the exclusive ticket to see in to her private world.




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