Sorry Little Monsters, The Born This Way Ball Tour Gets Canceled in U.S

This is Bad news for Little monsters. Lady Gaga’s  Worldwide  anticipated Born This Way Ball  tour  came to an end due to a hip injury.  On February 12, the Bad romance artist posted on Twitter that she performed with pain for thirty days for the North American part of the tour.
Gaga confessed that no one in tour production knew because  she  did  not  want  to  end  the  concert disappointing her fans. At the end of  the Toronto  show, the secret was revealed.

The long lasting  pain  became  unbearable, leaving the singer paralyzed.
The melancholic superstar  announced that she had to cancel  concerts in Chicago, Michigan, and Ontario Canada due to “synovitis, a  severe inflammation of joints”.

Days later, doctors discovered  that Lady Gaga tore a tissue from the hip on the right.To repair this  lesion, Gaga will have surgical  procedure done  on  her  hip  with  a  lengthy  road  to  recovery; canceling  the  remaining  dates  of  the  Born This  Way  Ball  tour  that  would  have  ended in march 20th of this year.

People who purchased  tickets  for  the  dropped  shows  will  have  their  money  returned;  losing  $30  million in profits. Pollstar  stated  that  the  Born  This  Way  Ball  made  $161.4  million  in  ticket  sales ranking next  to  famous  artists  like “Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, and   Coldplay” who  had  world  tours  last  year.

The  tour  may  have  cancelled,  but  Lady  Gaga’s  health  is  important  in  order  for her to  get better  and  release  her  new  album  ARTPOP  later  this  year.




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